Our professionals employ a disciplined and structured approach to work closely with families to manage their personal affairs and ease the burden of their administrative responsibilities.

We provide a broad spectrum of services that are designed and coordinated with key members of your investment and business team. GMG is the “go-to” professional liaison that will perform business planning for clients, handling all day to day matters pursuant to your needs.

We apply our proven expertise and attention to detail in the following service areas:

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+ Client Concierge Services

Book all travel, i.e., flight, hotel and car service, schedule dinner reservations,
spa appointments and personal chef appointments.

  • Scheduling private travel arrangements
  • Personal shopping
  • Review vendor proposals and supervise household services
  • Property management

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+ Business Development

Business_DevelopmentGMG professionals will identify and create partnerships that enable leverage for driving revenue,
distribution or that enhance the brand. Our team is equipped with unique industry knowledge
and strong networks ready to “do deals” and get the job done.

  • We will identify various routes to market, points of leverage and providing the internal team early
    market feedback. After gathering data we will validate a path to achieve your goals, and put a support
    structure in place to help replicate the process.
  • We will take complete accountability and proactive management of any deal or opportunity ensuring
    the best feedback to our clients. GMG will create strategic partnerships and build relationships for clients
    with key business leaders and corporations.

“Business development is the creation of long-term value for an
organization from customers, markets, and relationships.”

– Forbes Thought Of The Day: Philip Sidney