Public Speaking is America’s #1 fear and effective communication is not often taught at the collegiate level.

Just as athletes, entertainers and organization management prepare for a game or a big meeting, preparation needs to take place for interviews and public speaking. GMG will help you:

  • Create clarity and strategy when answering the typical questions, and the curve-ball questions, asked in interviews
  • Establish messages that convey confidence, sportsmanship and professionalism, regardless of who won the game and/or closed the deal
  • Bringing energy and personality to interviews
  • Present yourself to attract potential sponsors and media opportunities
  • Enunciate and articulate in a conversational way
  • Stay engaged when others are speaking
  • Alleviate stage fright
  • Equip you with techniques to avoid the common mistakes athletes and professionals make in interviews
  • Mock interviews, personal appearances, public service announcements and radio interviews