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should speak for itself.

Here’s what some of our clients and partners have to say about GMG.

“GMG was definitely the right choice! They have created countless partnerships and are always working diligently to fulfill my expectations. The way they get the job done adds value to the phrase “Hard Work and Dedication”. One would be extremely happy with their services, let alone surprised by how much they can accomplish in a short amount of time!”

NBA Veteran, Ronnie Brewer Jr.

“Gadson Management Group is definitely one of the best management companies out there. GMG is a great resource for seeking opportunities that the norm could not find. They have been a sound resource to assist me along my journey and provide solid advice when in need. They’re like family to me! I would definitely advise others to use their services!”

Super Model, Damaris Lewis

“GMG Management is one of the best in the business! GMG does a phenomenal job at building relationships and creating lasting partnerships for their clients! Any professional athlete or celebrity client would be thrilled to have their services!”

Co-Founder of FUBU Clothing, Keith Perrin

“Gadson Management Group provides excellent athlete management to Power Balance and offers a wide range of opportunities for a successful relationship.”

Power Balance Technologies Inc.

“As CEO of Notifi Music Group I highly recommend Gadson Management Group for all of your Marketing and Branding needs. We have maintained a superior working relationship. The integrity and passion of the company shines through. In addition, the timeliness and efficient results driven mentality makes it them very easy to count on!”

CEO of Notifi Music Group, Ira DeWitt